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DP (Or Not DP) 1998 - 2011

The story:

DP (Or Not DP) started out as a label in October 1998, with the release of our first compilation tape called "DP (Or Not DP) #1". The following years saw the release of three more "DP (Or Not DP)" compilations, and the co-release of records and CDs by bands like Makiladoras, DanDare, Radio Bikini, Gewapend Beton, Bakfietsboys, Gascoigne, Point At Others, SAF, and The Shining.

In 1999 and 2000, we also organized some concerts, but we soon quit doing that because of lack of time.

By trading our releases, we created a mailorder/distro. We sold records and zines through mail, online and on concerts. As our mailorder grew bigger and bigger, in November 2003 we moved its online presence to a separate website called Punkwinkel online store.

In the meantime, we also started pressing buttons. We pressed more than 60,000 of those fuckers for bands, labels, zines, et cetera.

The end of 2006 saw the last releases on our label, and a big clearance sale in our online store. In the following years, activity naturally died out.

In August 2011, we gave away whatever stock we had left, and officially closed down the label and online store.

The news page contains a summary of everything notable that happened between end 2003 and 2011. We seem to have lost all previous news items.

What do we do now?

In 2009, Wilco started his own mobile DJ company called Bureau Feestbeest. Krijn does something in a local hospital with computers.

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Want to contact us ? E-mail to punkwinkel@gmail.com, or write to:
Wilco, Boerhaavelaan 89, 3552 CW  UTRECHT, The Netherlands.
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